The Best Ground Coffee For Cold Brew

If you like your coffee cold, then a good cold brew is without a doubt one of the most satisfying drinks that you can try. Cold brew coffee provides us with a smooth texture and a rich coffee flavor, along with a burst of caffeine to help us wake up in the morning. Depending on the roast you use to make your cold brew, you can get delicious notes that complement the coffee flavors and provide you with an overall refreshing and satisfying drinking experience.

The preferred, and arguably the best way to make cold brew coffee is by using ground coffee, although some people like using whole beans and steeped coffee tea bags to create their perfect brew. Making the best cold brew possible is a learning experience, and many of us learn how to make the best cold brew through trial and error.

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When you're learning how to perfect your brewing method, you need to know what coffee is the best for your particular tastes. There are three different roasting levels, and within each of these, there is a variety of ground coffee, all of which has various tasting notes and aromas. Some of these coffees work better than others in a cold brew. This is due to the brewing process, which brings out and intensifies each flavor and smell.

If you need a little guidance on what the best ground coffee for brewed cold coffee is, we're here to help. Here at Chamberlain Coffee, we know a thing or two about coffee and although we're not coffee geniuses, we know how to make a great cold brew.

So, here's our advice on how you can make the best cold brew at home from ground coffee so that you can step your brewing game up, and enjoy a delicious tasting coffee every single day without fail.

How Do You Use Ground Coffee To Make Cold Brew?

If you've never tried a cold brew (if this is the case then where have you been?) then you might not have the slightest idea what one is. Cold brew is essentially a Japanese style of iced coffee, except it is very different from our American iced coffee drinks. These two drinks taste completely different.

For one thing, the brewing method is entirely different. Whereas with an iced coffee you would brew the coffee warm and then cool it down, with cold brew coffee, you have to mix together cold water and coffee grounds. This is known as cold brewing which involves steeping ground coffee or dripping water over coffee for a long amount of time. Cold brewing is very different from the methods used to make traditional hot coffee and iced coffee drinks, but it will give you some of the best cold coffee around.

Some people are put off from attempting to make their own cold brew at home because it sounds like too much effort and seems as though it will be a time-consuming process. However, making cold brew coffee isn't as difficult as it sounds, even if it is a lengthy process. Depending on how much coffee you want to make, the amount of ground coffee and cold or room temperature water you use will vary. On average, a ratio of 1:8 of coffee to cold water will give you a rich and intense cold brew flavor that will leave your taste buds tingling. So, if when cold brewing, you use two cups of coffee, you should then add 16 cups of cold water to even it out.

So how do you use your coffee to make cold brew? Firstly, you can buy pre-ground coffee, or you can grind it yourself, and make coffee grounds at home from whole coffee beans. You need to make sure that after measuring out your ground coffee and cold water, that you steep your coffee in the water for a sufficient amount of time. Steeping essentially means soaking. It's best to measure out your coffee into whatever container you choose, and then add the cold water in after.

In terms of what to brew your coffee in, there are many brewing devices you can consider using. If you want to make a big batch of cold brew coffee, then you should invest in a large jug that can hold a substantial amount of water. However, you can also utilize a smaller sized french press to brew coffee overnight. Many people like to these since they offer good portion sizes of cold brew coffee. Alternatively, if you want to make a single serving of cold brew, then you can even use a small amount of ground coffee and steep it in a mason jar with an appropriate amount of water.

Another way to get your brewed coffee is by making pour-over drip cold brew coffee. This is when cold water drips over finely ground coffee for a long amount of time. This process is slow yet extremely satisfying. It will release all of the tasting notes and aromas of your coffee to ensure you get a delicious drink. You can buy a special drip coffee device in order to make your cold brew coffee in this way and guarantee you get an excellent flavor.

As you can see from the methods above, the cold brewing process isn't a fast one by any means. This is why a lot of people are put off doing it at home because they don't want to wait to get their coffee in the morning or afternoon. But don't worry, there is a solution to this problem! If you brew your cold brew coffee overnight before you go to sleep, then you will wake up in the morning and have a perfect coffee concentrate ready to drink. There'll be no need for you to sit around impatiently, waiting for your coffee to be ready.

Once your cold brew concentrate is ready, it's quick and simple to brew your coffee. All you need to do is filter out the coffee grinds, and either add your coffee concentrate to more water or top it off with ice cubes and milk. If you want your brew to have extra flavors, then you can add sugar, delicious syrups, or shots of vanilla or caramel. With that being said, if you make your cold brew with a good quality ground coffee, then you won't need to add any extra flavorings since they should have excellent flavors already. But, it's always fun to get experimental with coffee, so you should definitely customize your cold brew to how you want it to taste!

Can You Use Any Ground Coffee For Cold Brew?

Ask anyone what coffee they use to make their cold brew, and you'll give you a different answer. There are several varieties of specially made cold brew ground coffee. This coffee is designed to give you a better and richer taste and is specially ground so that all of the yummy flavors are extracted during the brewing process. Many people buy these specifically formulated bags of coffee for cold brew because they deliver great results.

However, it is a myth that you have to buy specially made cold brew coffee. In actual fact, you can use any ground coffee to create a cold brew blend. It all depends on your personal tastes.

If you love dark roast blends, then you can certainly use these to create your cold brew coffee. Medium roast blends also work well, since medium-dark roasts often have sweeter tasting notes and a more defined flavor profile. The whole point of a cold brew is that it enhances all of the subtle flavors and tastes of the coffee so that you have a more fulfilling drinking experience.

You can definitely employ a light roast ground blend for your cold brew coffee. However, one of the key aspects of a light roast is that it is quite acidic and has sharp flavors. The cold brewing process removes acidity from the coffee, making it a better choice for people with acid reflux. Therefore, if you drink a cup of cold brew every day because you like the smooth and non-acidic taste, then it's best to avoid light roasts.

If you prefer to buy whole coffee beans, then you can still use these beans for cold brew. You need to make sure that you get a coarse grind from these coffee beans in order to steep them properly. Otherwise, you can actually create cold brew using the whole beans, since flavors and smells will still get extracted during the brewing process. If you choose to make your cold brew using whole beans, then you'll need to allow a few more hours to ensure that your cold brew coffee tastes as good as it should.

What Is The Best Ground Coffee For Cold Brew?

So, let's imagine that you're determined to stop buying cold brew coffee from chain stores and instead, start brewing your own at home. If you've never brewed coffee before, then you might not know what the best coffee for this drink is or whether you should be using whole beans for cold brew instead!

Since we're cold brew coffee lovers here at Chamberlain Coffee, we've compiled a list to help you choose the best ground coffee for your cup of coffee. Everyone has personal tastes and looks for different things in there coffee. However, here are the main things that we think every coffee drinker should consider when deciding what the best coffee for their cold brew is.

Pre-ground vs. Whole Beans

The traditional way to make a cold brew is using ground coffee. For this reason, it makes sense to buy pre-ground bags of coffee, so that you can speed up the brewing process. All you'll need to do is measure out your coffee and steep it in water for a few hours and you're done. Super easy!

However, buying whole beans for cold brew is a good and reasonable alternative. First of all, you can use coffee beans in their whole form when brewing, and it won't affect the flavor or richness of the brew. You may just need to leave them in the water for longer. Alternatively, you can grind your coffee beans at home, to ensure that your ground coffee is as fresh as possible. This will ensure that your cold brew tastes fantastic. Just remember to finely grind your beans.

Grind Size

When it comes to coffee bean grounds, size matters! If you decide to purchase pre-ground coffee, then you need to check the grind size on the packaging. You'll get the best results from your cold brew coffee if you use a coarse grind variety.

Grind size matters because it affects how the water drips through the coffee, and this ultimately affects the coffee's final taste. With a coarse grind, water can drip through more easily, and this means that the cold brew concentrate you have at the end will be filled with more of the delicious flavors and aromas from the ground coffee. If your coffee grounds are too large then the water might get trapped between thick levels of chunky grinds, and won't fully absorb the richness of the coffee.

If you're wondering what a coarse grind looks and feels like, it will be very small and fine and will feel like sand between your fingers. If you buy your beans whole, then make sure to coarsely grind them into this texture and size before cold brewing. You'll thank us later!

Single Origin vs. Blends

If you're a coffee novice (and that's totally ok), then you might not have the slightest idea what the terms 'single origin' and 'blend' mean. Basically, all bags of coffee that you purchase will fit into one of these two categories. Single origin means that the beans have come from the same location, be it the same farm, country, or continent. They'll also be the same type of bean. A blend means that the bag contains different bean types from various locations around the globe.

Whether your bag is single origin or a blend won't affect the quality of your coffee grounds and ultimately your cold brew coffee that much. But it depends on your personal tastes. For example, if you like sweet and smooth flavors then arabica beans are probably your best option. Some people believe that single origin bags provide a more well-rounded and fuller flavor. You can find 100% arabica single origin coffee packs that will suit your needs.

Although there are many benefits to single origin coffee bags, some of the best coffee beans come in blended varieties. If you like the bitterness of robusta beans, then you might prefer to make your cold brew with a blend of arabica and robusta beans. These two complement one another, and offer a variety of flavors and aromas that will be brought to the forefront in a cold brew coffee concoction.

So, it's essential that you do a little research on what type of beans come in each bag before you purchase. By doing so, you can make sure that your brewed coffee has the best taste possible.

Roast Level

When choosing the best coffee for cold brew, you need to consider what flavors and aromas are important to you. Roast coffee comes in various levels, and each one has different advantages.

If you like chocolate tasting notes in your cold brew, then you might be best off going for medium or dark roast coffee grounds. Beans that are dark or medium roasted spend longer on the roasting machine, and generally have more intense, bitter, and strong flavors.

If you like light, and fruity notes in your cold brew, then a light roast is better for you. These often have citrus tasting notes and are full of caffeine so will definitely wake you up first thing in the morning!

However, since a cold brew is known to create a smooth and creamier style drink that you don't usually get with a hot coffee, we recommend using a medium roast or dark roast to make cold brew coffee. The tasting notes that come out at this level are often better suited to the subtle richness of a cold brew. Check out our website to learn which roasting level each of our products is, and find the one that will be the best for your cold brew coffee needs.


Freshness is very important when it comes to coffee beans. Although using freshly roasted ground coffee or whole beans for cold brew will help this style of drink to taste incredible, it is an important aspect of any coffee drink. You should try to use fresh coffee in all of your brews, be it iced, or hot!

The reason why freshness is integral when it comes to finding the best coffee for your cold brew is that coffee starts to lose its flavor shortly after it's been roasted. Although the roasting process heightens a lot of tasting notes and improves the beans' overall flavor profile, it also causes beans to start to 'degas'. This process essentially speeds up the rate at which the beans go stale.

So, when you buy any type of coffee, it's super important that it is fresh, and has a recent roasting date. Whether you buy pre-ground coffee or whole beans, it doesn't matter - you always need to check when it was roasted!

If you want the best results, then you should buy whole coffee beans and invest in a good grinder for your home. This will ensure that you get the freshest grind possible, and it will help you to brew coffee that has incredible flavors.

When you buy coffee beans or a ground variety, make sure to store these in airtight containers, and in a cold, dark place in your home. This will ensure that freshness is maintained and that your beans will retain their great aroma and flavors for as long as possible. By doing this, you'll get an amazing tasting cold brew every time.

Flavored Beans

When you make cold brew, you can always add syrups to your drink to make it taste the way you like. We personally love a vanilla shot in ours, just to give our coffee an extra dash of sweetness.

When beans are roasted, this process naturally brings out flavor notes and this leads to your coffee having a particular taste. A dark roast will usually have chocolate notes, whereas a medium roast can have cherry or caramel flavors.

If you want your cold brew coffee to have intense flavors that are enhanced by the brewing process then you can buy flavored beans, that have been infused with syrups after the roasting process. Although these beans are made using chemicals, they are perfectly safe and are used by many coffee chains in popular products. Flavored beans will give your cold brew a delicious taste that will ensure you don't need to add anything else to your coffee.

You can buy flavored coffee beans in whole bean or pre-ground form, ensuring that your brewing process is super easy from start to finish.

Organic and Fair Trade

The last, but definitely not least thing to consider, is whether your coffee is organic or fair trade. To help you get the best cold coffee brew, you want to ensure that you use high-quality coffee. Organic and fair trade varieties not only offer quality in your cold brew, but they are also far more ethical and sustainable than regular traded options.

Organic beans help to make better tasting cold brew coffee because they grow without the addition of nasty pesticides or additives. The soil they grow in is also usually of higher quality, and this can affect the bean's flavors and the tasting notes that come out during the roasting process.

Fair trade products are usually organic and farmers who grow fair trade coffee beans will employ sustainable methods to take their coffee fruit and harvest it into beans. For this reason, not only do fair trade beans often taste better but by using them you'll be contributing to a scheme that benefits farmers who would otherwise be worse off.

So, if shopping responsibly and sustainably is important to you, then some of the best coffee beans for your cold brew could be of the organic or fair trade variety. These beans come in various roasting levels and will have different tasting notes, so you'll definitely be able to find something that suits you. Many grocery stores sell fair trade beans, and the majority of coffee companies employ these beans in their blends, as do we at Chamberlain Coffee.

So, what is the best coffee for cold brew? The answer to this question is not simple. The best coffee for cold brew is totally dependent on your taste buds and what you personally like. If you're always on the go and don't have time to grind your own coffee, then pre-ground beans or steeped coffee bags are a good choice. If you love the process of making coffee and brewing it, then you should invest in a good grinder and finely grind your beans at home yourself!

In terms of flavors, roast level plays a big role in how your cold brew tastes. A dark or medium roast will give you a more bitter and nuttier flavor, whereas light roasts may give you lighter tasting notes and fruitier flavors. Depending on how you like your cold brew, you can also buy flavored beans, or add extra flavoring in after you've brewed the coffee.

Keep in mind the importance of organic and fair trade coffee as well. Your favorite coffee chains will most probably be using fair trade beans in all of their blends, so if you like a particular flavor from your regular coffee shop, you may want to invest in fair trade coffee yourself for your cold brew.

Check out our list of products at Chamberlain Coffee. Variety is what we do best, and we have coffee to suit every drinker's needs. We believe that we create some of the best coffee for cold brew, due to the fact that all of our beans are organic and fair trade. What's more, we oversee our coffee beans as they are roasted at our facility in California to ensure that each one is roasted to perfection. This guarantees that every bag of our coffee is high-quality and meets our customers' expectations.

Can You Use Steeped Coffee Bags For Cold Brew?

When we make a hot coffee, we usually make a single portion size, and just make one cup. When it comes to cold brew coffee, it is normal to make a big batch of this coffee. This means you'll have a lot more coffee to last you and you won't need to make brew coffee in single servings every time you want a drink.

However, if you do want a cold brew drink, but you live alone or you simply want a single portion, there is a fantastic way you can do this. Single-serve steeped coffee bags can be used to make the best cold brew drinks. You can either use three bags and put them in a mason jar, for a single-serve portion or take a few more and put them in a larger jug for a big batch of cold brew coffee. Depending on the amount of cold brew coffee you want to make, there is a way to do it with steeped coffee bags.

At Chamberlain Coffee we sell steeped coffee bags that will help you to brew all kinds of drinks, be it iced coffee, hot coffee, or cold brew. Our steeped bags are made from compostable material so they are good for the environment and easy to dispose of. They are nitro sealed to keep in the fresh flavor of the roasted coffee grinds. We've designed them so that they are easy for you to use and they'll definitely help you to brew the best cold brew coffee out there.

Check out our affordable single-serve coffee bags. They're available in a range of flavors and roasts so that you can get the cold brew taste you desire.

What Ground Coffee Does Starbucks Use For Their Cold Brew?

If there's one coffee chain that reigns supreme over all others when it comes to cold brew, it's Starbucks. Their cold brew coffee was a major factor in the rising popularity of this coffee, and many people try to emulate a Starbucks' cold brew at home.

Starbucks uses a blend of 100% arabica beans for cold brew. These beans are from Latin America and Africa and come in a variety of medium and dark roast coffees blends. However, their cold brew blends are usually made with medium roast coffee beans. Starbucks is well known for using fair trade products, and all of their beans for cold brew will have been ethically sourced.

If you want to create your own Starbucks-inspired cold brew at home, then check out Chamberlain Coffee and our wide variety of coffee bag options. We have medium and dark roast blends that have chocolate notes and will provide you with a full-bodied cold brew that tastes like it's from your favorite coffee chain.

As well as this, check out Emma's recipes so that you can get that classic great coffee taste at home. As a self-confessed coffee lover, Emma has tried out virtually every coffee chain and knows exactly how to create the perfect batch of cold brew coffee.

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